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3D Modeling by Rich Garber

As far back as 1981 I’ve been working with computers. As a self-taught tech I’ve worked at a few retail computer jobs (ComputerLand mostly) until I started my own business in 1992. My list of experience includes building, selling and repairing PC’s as well as programming, music, publishing and graphics. Other experience is with Modeling, CAD, Desktop Publishing, Spreadsheets, DAWs and Sampling to name just a few.

In 2001 and especially in 2003 I expanded my experience with graphics when I created add-on game content as a freelance content creator for Microsoft’s Train Simulator and then for DTG’s Rail Simulator and Railworks (now TS2019). My works sell from my website (see, from Steam (see and FS Pilot Shop (see

Building train routes involved making hundreds of 3d models. I currently use Blender to focus my skills for renderings of hard surface models and architectural models (see slideshow panel left - click on a picture and a gallery of the subject will present itself).

Back in my younger days I was a music major in college majoring on the Sax and Bassoon. In the 90’s I developed a passion for arranging and rendering music via the computer. In 2013 I developed my own music studio and self-published three play-along music books and CDs with accompanying music tracks. To see and hear my music and music books see my website,

Feel free to browse my efforts and if you like to contact me, use for email.