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RW Routes: Fort Smith To Heavner Ohio Steel 2 Fort Kent to Eagle Lake Colton & Northern Rascal & Cottonwood
MSTS Routes: Canton Cumberland Ohio Rail East Metro Activity Tutorial


Greetings and welcome to All Aboard! Since 2001 All Aboard has been doing add-on train routes for train sims. Our distinction amongst add-on route provides is we typically do short but highly detailed routes focusing on switching rather than mainline running. Some routes are fictional and based on a real prototype route while others are prototype with some enhancements to keep the entertainment value up and within the scope of how All Aboard routes typically are. Feel free to browse our selections, which have entertained thousands through the years.

Railworks/Rail Simulator Routes

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Fort Smith To Heavener

Ohio Steel

Fort Kent to Eagle Lake

Colton & Northern

Rascal & Cottonwood

Microsoft Train Simulator Routes

East Metro Upgrade

Ohio Rail Upgrade



Training Materials

Activity Tutorial

The Activity Tutorial covers how to interface with the MSTS's Activity interface. You also get in-depth instruction on how to create your own activities. Signals and AI Traffic are also covered. In addition you'll learn how MSTS stores activity information in its files. The tutorial comes at a nominal charge of $10 HERE.