Fort Kent to Eagle Lake

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Fort Kent To Eagle Lake
For Railworks Only
New! Scenario Expansion for (both All Aboard and Steam versions)of Fort Kent route (See Below)
Fixes/patches Section added
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Version 2.0 is current (see news page for info and pictures!)

It was a lazy hot afternoon sunny day when I happened along some railroad tracks with no train in sight when a question popped into my head, "I wonder where the tracks lead." So began my search for a route that would have that kind of appeal to the imagination. I searched the country and happen to come across a small line in northernmost Maine. It caught my attention. Zooming closer in GoogleEarth, the route revealed a 20 mile separation between with only a single line of track in between. Thinking back to my drive in the country I thought "this has got to be the route." What also piqued my interest about this particular lay of track was how it paralleled a river adding some gorgeous scenery potential. Mulling it over I began to get excited that this route would be a pleasant route to build and bring together some of Railworks strongest features.

The resulting Fort Kent To Eagle Lake route is a stunning visual achievement. It has a look all to its own with all new trees, models and terrain textures. But not just looks, the Fort Kent To Eagle Lake route includes 20+ scenarios. You are going to be railroading. Set in three seasons, Autumn, Winter and Summer, these 20+ scenarios will bring you an unparalled immersion factor you've not quite experienced before. In my previous routes my golas were to bring you into a story whereas this time, between the picturesque scenerey and the stunning detail built into the route, my goal was to immerse you in a virtual reality so compelling, the story is you!

See the media sections below for more details of this splendid route for Railworks. To run the Fort Kent To Eagle Lake route you will need the following. You will need (and I recommend the hi-res version packages) 3D Trains Rural Landscapes and Scaleroads. There are free versions of these packages available at the 3DTrains forums. If you already have these packages you don't need to acquire them again.

Finally, the Fort Kent To Eagle Lake route package comes with a 12 page manual which include schematics of the route. Colorful and professionally done the manual gives you an excellent introduction to the route and the back story.

For Railworks only.

Fort Kent to Eagle Lake Where I live it's quite often you can come across tracks out in the rural areas and it makes you wonder, "where does it go?" That I felt was my next project, to create a route that somebody could see from the road and wonder where the tracks led.

Besides the Fort Kent to Eagle Lake route you will need the following add-on packages:

1) Rural Landscapes from 3DTrains
2) ScaleRoads from 3DTrains

If you have these add-ons already, you don't need to acquire them again. These are available in free and payware downloads.
Fort Kent to Eagle Lake From Eagle Lake to Fort Kent, the tracks follow the river making for a 'pretty ride' from start to finish.

Looking north from Eagle Lake
Fort Kent to Eagle Lake Numerous small communities reside up and down the Fort Kent To Eagle Lake route.

One such small community residing beside the railroad tracks.
Fort Kent to Eagle Lake Picturesque scenery with road traffic to watch.

Looking north towards Plaisted, a small community halfway between Eagle Lake and Fort Kent.
Fort Kent to Eagle Lake At times the journey gets claustrophobic when the foliage creeps up close to the tracks.

Just before Plaisted and looking north towards Fort Kent.
Fort Kent to Eagle Lake Just one of the many new and actual scenery objects created by Ed Hawkins for the Fort Kent To Eagle Lake route. The Fort Kent route is a prototype route with a few enhancements added to increase scenario variety.

Just north of Plaisted looking south towards Plaisted.
Fort Kent to Eagle Lake Though the route is relatively flat because it parallels a river, small grades are plentiful along the Fort Kent To Eagle Lake route. Here's one as it winds its way through the town of Fort Kent about a mile before the Fort Kent rail yard.

Looking from the south side of Fort Kent to north.
Fort Kent to Eagle Lake The Fort Kent rail yard is where you will make most of your starts and where you will end in most of the scenarios. The Fort Kent rail yard is typically full of local rail traffic as well as 'spill-over' freight from a nearby yard.

Looking from Fort Kent rail yard northward.
Fort Kent to Eagle Lake While none of the scenarios include rail passenger traffic, two railroad stations are included so you can recreate rail passenger traffic in scenarios you create yourself.

Looking from Fort Kent rail yard southward.
Fort Kent to Eagle Lake It's 19 miles from Fort Kent to Eagle Lake and the Eagle Lake Gravel plant is the reason you will make many trips back and forth from the two towns. There is a subsection of track within Fort Kent which also has industry you will switch. There's plenty to do on the Fort Kent To Eagle Lake route for Railworks.

Industrial plant south of Eagle Lake.


(Not needed for Fort Kent 2.0) Scenarios 1-20 fix. An update for Railworks was released effecting half of the scenarios with broken-consists errors. Installation of this patch fix will restore all the original scenarios to working order. The expansion scenarios were not effected and are not included in this fix. To install, simply extract the RWP file and use the normal installtion procedure for installtion into Railworks. Please uninstall and discard the previous #19 fix if you already acquired it, you won't need it any longer. Fort Kent Scenario Fix (208Kb)

Purchasing Information:

Fort Kent Route

Important before purchasing! The Fort Kent To Eagle Lake route requires add-ons for you to get the full effect of the beautiful scenery of the route. Please note that the extra add-ons are available from their respective sites.

From, you will need:

1) Rural Landscapes
2) Scale Roads

Important! If you already have these add-ons, you don't need to purchase them again.

Credit cards accepted.
Please note that ALL sales are final.

Paypal PayPal - Fort Kent To Eagle Lake - $19.00 - A receipt will be sent to you by email (usually takes up to 2 hours but could take as long as 24 hours), which includes the link to download the route (150mb).

Scenario Expansion for Fort Kent Route (Includes a version for both All Aboard and Steam users!)

Staying consistent with the theme of the original Fort Kent release you graduate from internship (i.e. the first 20 scenarios for Fort Kent) and you are now a permanent resident with the railroad. One day out of every week your assignment is back on the Fort Kent Sub switching the local industries in the region. Each "one day of the week" is represented by several scenarios giving you 16 new scenaios (using the default equipment provided in Railworks). And while the original scenarios did not take advantage of AI trains, this set does. A manual is included which is 15 pages of introduction to your Fort Kent story as well as scheduling chart of the pickups/deliveries done in the region. And as a special feature I included some "how-to" observations in how I got AI Trains and the Player train to get along on single track main route like the Fort Kent Sub. Price is $9.00 and is 1mb download. Paypal only.

Unfortunately there is no version to be sold through Steam as was originally announced.

Paypal PayPal - Fort Kent Scenarios #41-56 - $9.00 - A receipt will be sent to you by email (usually takes up to 2 hours but could take as long as 24 hours), which includes the link to download the extra scnearios (1mb).

IMPORTANT! Before ordering make sure your paypal account is using your current email address. Also be sure your Spam filters will allow emails from to come through. Also please note this ordering system is done manually which means your order could take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours to be fulfilled. My apologies for any delays. If you think your order is delayed please check your spam filters before inquiring. But do not hesitate to inquire if you feel something is wrong.!