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Expansion pack for Fort Smith to Heavener

A new expansion scenario set for the Fort Smith To Heavener route by All Aboard which also features a FSC RR repaint of Rich Chargin's Alco S2
Requires Rich Chargin's Alco S2 free engine pack (available from Railworks America) already installed.


!! Special Promotion !! Please note to run the Fort Smith City RR - Switchin' Is Railroading add-on you must have the Fort Smith To Heavener route as well. If you don't, you can purchase both the route and the add-on for a discount. This is a limited time offer so act quickly. Offer is at least good until July 1st, 2016.

All Aboard has released an expansion scenario package (for TS2016) for the Fort Smith To Heavner route (by All Aboard) featuring Rich Chargin's Alco S2. This feature package includes 16 brand new standard scenarios and the Fort Smith City RR repaint for Rich Chargin's Alco S2 (found at Railworks America

A generalization of the storyline is as follows: It's been several years since your arrival and training at Fort Smith and things have gone well for you. Advancement has been slow and you're still on switching duty down there at Heavener. It's not a bad life and every so often comes the opportunity to drive a train into Fort Smith. But you'd like to try your hand at driving some of the "big stuff" and every once in awhile, you do, but it's not enough. And this is where the story begins with All Aboard's brand new The Fort Smith City RR expansion pack. Several scenarios in - the talk of UP divesting some of its responsibilities isn't "just talk" anymore, and the fearful thing about it is it looks like it's your job which is on the chopping block. But you soon found out there is a silver lining.

The story behind the rumors turns out to be UP is losing money and reputation doing the "small stuff." The quick expansion of UP left a number of regions short on equipment and deliveries to smaller customers fell way behind. Nowadays the big Class A's like to move traffic between cities and the shortage to the smaller customers tends to get put on hold until equipment available can get the job done.

And that's where you eventually find yourself standing in front of an elderly Alco S2, #22. There's some rust and dirt but overall it looks to be in good shape even if she creeks and groans a bit when she's pulling or pushing a heavy load. What the UP saw in you was a chance to get someone into the Fort Smith City RR organization that had the experience of working within UP and familiar with UP's standard of safety and customer relations. This also satisfied city planners who were concered there could be an uproar from smaller businesses even more unhappy with deliveries by an inexperienced independent railroad. For the FSC (Fort Smith City Railroad) having not to play catch-up and an expansion of their responsibilities in the Fort Smith Proper area is beneficial for growth and stability. Everybody is happy, but are you? An elderly Alco S2 is a far cry from the bigger and newer engines. This one is all you and we'll see how you adapt.

16 new standard scenarios for the Fort Smith route featuring eight where you are driving UP equipment (TS2016 default stuff) and another 8 scenarios where you are driving the FSC RR Alco S2. There is some mainline running but most of the time you'll be in the trenches pushing and pulling freight. Especially when you get into the last eight scenarios, you are doing the business of switching frieght. Thing of the overall evolution where on most routes for TS2016 you're driving big trains a long ways. With All Aboard's newest release you start out driving smaller trains - smaller distances. Then as you progress through this package you are switchin'. Moving small freights, small distances at some very slow speeds. There are scenarios where you'll be lucky to be driving any faster than 10mph.

Why so? First, the physics of the Alco S2 are remarkable. Here's a switching engine that acts like one. Geared for slow speeds and pushing/pulling heavy freight in and out of tight spots. And you'll need an engine like this because I prefer to create scenarios where you make the decisions on how freight is to be picked up or delivered. TS2016 scenarios are usually scripted which in a sense tells you every move.

Available now from the Fort Smith To Heavener page.