Ohio Rail Upgrade

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Ohio Rail Upgrade
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If you loved the Ohio Rail (Build 10) route, you now have the chance to fall in love with Ohio Raill all over again! The Ohio Rail Upgrade is an add-on to Ohio Rail (Build 10 only) transforming this 160 mile route to the Canton/Cumberland standard. Every city, town and industry has been rebuilt using the Canton/Cumberland library and the results are stunning! The vegetation too has also been revamped producing breath taking scenery. What's special about this Ohio Rail Upgrade is it is compatible with all your existing activities for Ohio Rail (Build 10). And if you're thinking how does a scenery upgrade help a route, just take a look at the sample pictures below. Ohio Rail Upgrade changes Ohio Rail to a whole new route. And let's not forget what Ohio Rail meant to its users. Two routes in one route package, over 160 miles of track, four big cities, numerous small towns, varying grades, industries of all kinds, branchlines that extends for miles and the list goes on. If that's not enough, installing the Ohio Rail Upgrade is extremely easy. With Ohio Rail (Build 10) already installed, just point the installer to your copy of MSTS and in a few moments your Ohio Rail Upgrade is ready to go.

Ohio Rail Upgrade Each town has been redone using my Canton/Cumberland library. Some of the original content will remain as in some cases I don't have a replacements. Nevertheless 98% of the route has been redone.

Picture of Devola (just north of Marietta)
Ohio Rail Upgrade Existing vegetation has mostly been exchanged or replaced with my Canton/Cumberland library.

Picture west of Devola (just north of Marietta)
Ohio Rail Upgrade All the track is exactly the same as it was in the original, so all your activities for Ohio Rail will run as before.

Picture from Logging Area #2 (Mt. Eprhaim area)
Ohio Rail Upgrade Each area, industry and town which has been reworked has been meticulously done with care to keep the orginal character intact.

Picture of Logging Mill (Sarahville)
Ohio Rail Upgrade One of Ohio Rail's best features is its depth of scenery. The Ohio Rail Upgrade lifts these views to a higher detail of realism and they are breathtaking too.

Picture en route to Mill Grove (south of Mill Grove)
Ohio Rail Upgrade Ohio Rail Upgrade includes new textures for winter and autumn. Barren trees and barren shrubby, gives Ohio Rail that "perfectly gloomy" look.

Picture from north Marietta
Ohio Rail Upgrade Combining the strengths of Ohio Rail (Build 10), Canton and Cumberland into one route, the Ohio Rail Upgrade is your ticket to ride the railroads.

Picture from north Marietta
Ohio Rail Upgrade For more information about the Ohio Rail Upgrade please see the All Aboard forum at 3dtrains' site. There are many threads currently available for viewing many more pictures and contain information regarding the details of the upgrade.

Picture from Zanesville (north Zanesville)

Ohio Rail - A History Of The Route

Conceptually, Ohio Rail begins with two railroads competing against each other, the WV&O and the OR&W. Spelled out they are the West Virginian And Ohio Railroad and the Ohio River and Western Railroad. In actuality the WV&O is the B&O and the OR&W is a combination of the Pennsylvania Railroad and the real Ohio River And Western Railroad. Ohio Rail like my other routes borrow from decades of railroading and are not focused to a single point in time. To get the best enjoyment from Ohio Rail you will want to consult the large 32 page manual found in the Media folder of Ohio Rail. There you will also find Don Hughe's updated schematics for the Ohio Rail Upgrade.

Set mostly in the transitional period, Ohio Rail is perfect for steam and diesel engines. If you prefer mainline running, the WV&O is for you. If you like a more mountainous rugged journey then consider the OR&W. And if switching is your pleasure, just about any kind of industry you can imagine is represented from refineries, coal, steel, logging, grain, etc. etc., on the Ohio Rail route.


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