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Welcome to the CV Division of the L&N, or as we know it, the Cumberland route. All Aboard is proud to bring you this railroad line which runs from Harlan-Loyall to Benham-Lynch in southeast Kentucky. Approximately thirty miles long, you will drive trains along the valley floor between two mountain ranges and the Poor Fork River. While the route life span was pretty significant, we've narrowed the route time frame to focus in on the 1950's to mid to late 1960's. But our route representation includes industries from eras past. This presentation is great for running steam or diesel locomotives, or side by side.

Cumberland, like my previous routes is very detailed with a depth of scenery and dense object placement which makes this route a beautiful route to run. I should warn you though that this route is not for the elder computer which hasn't been updated for a long time. My recommendation is that you have at least a 2 ghz processor and even 1 gig of RAM. With that said the route results so far have been good with those with lesser.

Once again we graciously thank Dick Cowen for allowing the route to be packaged along with Dick Cowen's L&N rollingstock. These packages provided to you at no extra fee are free for anyone to download and consist of a large variety of L&N steam and diesel locomotives as well as freight and passenger equipment.

To round out this offering is 15 activities including both steam and diesel as its own separate download. Included is a template activity which allows you to create your own activities very easily. Within the route package is Don Hughe's innovative, detailed route schematics. And within the Cumberland route manual which like the schematics is provided within the route package, is numberous helpful bits of information to make activity navigation and creation a breeze.

What the route includes is seasonal textures for all seasons with Summer, Fall and Winter the primary focus. Night textures and people are not included. While you will recognize most of the structures from Canton over 185 new models enhance this route with a number of the Canton buildings modified to look better than ever.

If you like mountain routes, you will love Cumberland! A grand effort was made for the route to have that mountain look. And with a wide diversity of industry included, Cumberland will keep you busy for a long time. But don't worry the route is too long to know. Cumberland is just the right size where you can finish most activities within the hour.

If you love mountains, railroading, diesel or steam locomotives, coal hauling, great looking scenery -- come try out the Cumberland for Microsoft's Train Simulator from All Aboard!

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