Ohio Steel 2

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Ohio Steel 2- Dover and Massillon Divsion
For Railworks Only

Upgrade Purchasing Option

I wish to thank all those who purchased Ohio Steel: Dover Division again and I am offering this to you where you can purchase Ohio Steel 2 for $19.00. Please follow each step before purchasing, it is very important that you do:

1) Did you purchase Ohio Steel: Dover from All Aboard? Since your record of purchase is at the original place of purchase, you must return to that place of purchase for the upgrade price to be honored. So say if you bought Ohio Steel: Dover from Steam, for the upgrade price to be honored, you need to return to Steam and make the purchase there. If you purchased Ohio Steel: Dover from All Aboard, please continue to Step 2.

2) The only way I can validate your previous purchase of Ohio Steel: Dover is for you to know your Paypal Transaction ID# from the receipt you purchased Ohio Steel: Dover with. To get this number, it's found on the receipt, or go to your Paypal account and locate the receipt using the Browse History functions. Once you find that reciept, write the number down accurately then go on to Step 3. Please do not email All Aboard for this number, I don't have it.

3) The third step is where you make the purchase. Put the Paypal Transaction ID# from the original Ohio Steel: Dover receipt into the Notes field of the purchasing page. All you have to do now is press the BuyNow Button and finish filling out the purchase form. Do not put forth a purchase with a blank note field, I won't be able to process it. A blank notes field will most likely be processed for refund which could take up to 7-10 business days.

Paypal PayPal - Ohio Steel 2 - Dover Divsion - $19.00 - A receipt will be sent to you by email (usually takes up to 2 hours but could take as long as 24 hours), which includes the link to download the route (140mb).

IMPORTANT! Before ordering make sure your paypal account is using your current email address. Also be sure your Spam filters will allow emails from rgarber@vnet.net to come through. Also please note this ordering system is done manually which means your order could take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours to be fulfilled. My apologies for any delays. If you think your order is unsually delayed please check your spam filters first before inquiring. But do not hesitate to inquire if you feel something is wrong.